Reflecta Isohexan Film Cleaner - 50ml

Reflecta Isohexan Film Cleaner - 50ml

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Powerful isohexan-based concentrate for cleaning various types of film with a polyester or acetate base. This film cleaner is mainly used in the film industry for cleaning analog motion picture films (with or without sound track) such as 8mm film. However, the concentrate is suitable for cleaning all types of negatives, i.e. also 35mm and 120 film negatives color, black-and-white and even diapositive films.

This film cleaner allows you to easily remove dust and other residues sticking to the film base without damaging the negative. The specific chemical composition of the concentrate does not affect the emulsion of the film and can therefore be used on both sides of the negative. The cleaner is easy to use, after applying a few drops of the concentrate on a clean cleaning cloth, the negative is cleaned with a smooth motion using the cloth. Only a few drops of the concentrate are necessary, so the cloth should not be completely damp. The concentrate also dries up, so it is not necessary to dry the negative again with another dry cloth after treatment.

Due to its powerful formula, this film cleaner has a very high capacity if stored correctly.

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