Bellini EURO HC (HC-110) Film Developer - 500ml

Bellini EURO HC (HC-110) Film Developer - 500ml

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The Bellini EURO HC film developer is a (European) alternative to Kodak's well-known HC-110 film developer, which has sometimes been difficult to obtain since its production in Asia. EURO HC, like HC-110, is a liquid, highly active film developer for black-and-white film. Development of black-and-white films in EURO HC delivers negatives with moderately fine grain, full shadow detail, a long density scale, wide development latitude, and no loss of film speed. Additionally, the developer is also suitable for use with push-processing.

The end results obtained with EURO HC are almost identical to HC-110 and the operation of the film developer is also similar as regards dilutions, temperatures and development times. Consequently, you can rely on all available information for the development of black-and-white films with Kodak HC-110, such as the known times in the Massive Dev Chart.

Unlike the original HC-110, the EURO HC concentrate is thinner and therefore a little easier and more accurate to use. Moreover, EURO HC is also available in smaller quantity of 500ml. 

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1x Bellini EURO HC (HC-110) Film Developer - 500ml
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