Bellini C-41 Monopart Color Film Processing Kit - 1L

Bellini C-41 Monopart Color Film Processing Kit - 1L

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Update 05/2020: from now on the Bellini C-41 Processing Kit will be offered at a new cheaper price! Be surprised by this unique color development kit.

A detailed manual of this developing kit can be found under the download section of this product page. Contact us if you have any questions about using this kit!

The C-41 Monopart Color Film Processing Kit from the Italy-based Bellini, is a complete kit for the easy and quick development of color negative films. This kit is mainly aimed at home use or for those who only occasionally develop small batches of film. Nevertheless, in terms of quality, the kit is certainly not inferior to the development kits of Tetenal and CineStill, which have become well known by now.

This development kit is offered at the express request of many customers. This development kit offers a number of important advantages compared to the Colortec Kits from Tetenal. The kit consists of a one-piece color developer (hence the name monopart) and a separate bleaching and fixing bath. As a result, the kit is much faster to use than the Colortec Kit from Tetenal. For example, the colour developer does not consist of different components that have to be mixed beforehand. However, the temperature of the colour developer must still be strictly adhered to during development. The Cs41 development kit from CineStill offers more flexibility in this respect.

Because the bleach and the fixer are divided into two separate baths, they can be applied more quickly one after the other and the processing time is much shorter than when working with a blix (bleach & fix) that can be found in the Tetenal Colortec kits. The final bath of the process still remains the stabilizer. With the supplied stabilization concentrate about 1L of working solution can be created. Films must be treated 3 to 4 times with this bath to obtain completely clean negatives. In comparison with other kits, the supplied concentrate can be diluted more strongly, so that more than enough working solution can be produced.

The total development process therefore only takes about 12-14 minutes (preheating included). With this 1 litre kit a maximum of 16 35mm films (24 exposures) can be developed. The development of a minimum of 12 35mm films (24 exposures) must, however, always be feasible. However, it is still important to store the chemistry correctly in airtight bottles and, if necessary, to treat it with an anti-oxidation spray such as Tetenal Protectan. In that case, the chemistry will keep for up to 6 months.

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1x Bellini Color Developer (500ml), 1x Bellini Bleach (1L), 1x Bellini Fixer (500ml), 1x Bellini Stabilizer (10ml)

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