ADOX M62 Snap-On Yellow Gelatine Filter - Factor 2

ADOX M62 Snap-On Yellow Gelatine Filter - Factor 2

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Filter thread: 62mm

The new ADOX "SNAP-ON" gelatine filters are budget-friendly color filters to increase your creativity.

These new filters with a patented shape use their little teeth on the side and "bite" inside the UV-filter's thread. If necessary you can press or screw them in a little. For removal simply tear the little hook onto which the filter type and exposure factor is printed.

ADOX gelatine filters are made from the world famous Cibachrome(R) dyes which are light stable and will almost not fade out. The modern ADOX coating facilities in Switzerland and the coating knowhow of the Swiss, enabled ADOX to manufacture these filters water protected so that they can be wiped with a wet cloth to clean them in an instant.

When used in combination with a B&W film, this yellow conversion filter (8) allows you to convert sunlight so it gets exposed in a different way on the film emulsion. It results in more dramatic, higher-contrast photographs and is especially suited for landcape photography. It allows you to clearly distinguish clouds from the sky, makes water darker and grass lighter. The filter has a double filterfactor (2x), which means that when using this filter the exposure time must be doubled or the aperture must be opened by an extra level. 

  • Medium Yellow Filter (8)

  • Non-coated

  • Exposure prolonging factor: 2X

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