AP Visualiseur de Diapositives pour 35mm - Automatique

AP Visualiseur de Diapositives pour 35mm - Automatique

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AP's automatic 35mm slide viewer is perfect for those slide users with large volumes of slides but small pockets. This budget-friendly slide viewer has the capacity to hold 60 slides in its integral magazine and offers a bright 3-inch (75mm) screen for perfect viewing. It is the ideal accessory for checking and reviewing slides or for arranging slides prior to projector presentation. Unlike its small price tag, this product keeps high quality standards which AP Photo is known for.

The viewer has an adjustable stand to allow you to get the most comfortable viewing angle and has an excellent quality magnifying screen so you can enjoy all the detail of your slides. This slide viewer is capable of holding a large number of slides and automatically ejects each 35mm slide as the new one is automatically loaded. This enables you to quickly flick through your slides if you wish. Please note that the old style cardboard mounted 35mm slides can also be used with this slide viewer if you take care with the mechanism!

Produced in Spain, Europe.


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