Ilford 2000RT Fixateur - 5L

Ilford 2000RT Fixateur - 5L

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ILFORD 2000RT developer and ILFORD 2000RT fixer are liquid concentrate chemicals designed for high temperature, machine processing of resin coated, black and white photographic paper. Once diluted they can be used as both the process tank and the replenisher solutions. The addition of a developer starter solution is not needed for 2000RT developer.

2000RT developer and fixer are compatible with all types of machine used to process resin coated black and white photographic paper. They are particularly recommended for use with the past and present range of ILFORD roller transport paper processors.

2000RT developer and fixer are, economical, easy to use, clean working, robust and have a high print capacity. They are capable of producing superb quality prints from all ILFORD RC papers and the high quality RC papers made by other manufacturers. They can be used in the temperature range of 20–40°C (68–104°F).

2000RT fixer is a non-hardening rapid fixer, it must not be used with fix hardeners. 2000RT fixer is compatible with all methods of silver recovery but for maximum efficiency electrolytic methods are recommended as the treated fixer can be recycled or reused.


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