Revolog Streak 200 135-36

Revolog Streak 200 135-36

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Revolog Streak film adds a vintage look to your pictures, which will look as if they were taken through a scratched window or lens. The streak effect is stronger in darker parts of the frame and will add a slightly yellowish tone to these areas of your photo. In brighter or overexposed parts of the picture the effect is almost invisible. 

Due to the vintage look of this effect, why not try using it for an antique photo-shoot?

35mm color film with 36 exposures (ISO 200).

Caractéristiques du produit

Dans l'emballage
1x Revolog Streak 200 135-36
Type de film
Négatif Couleur
Format / taille
Film 35mm
Nombre de vues
36 poses
Sensibilité du film
ISO 200
Grain de film
Grain classique
Type de développement

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