Adox HR-50 35mm - Starter Kit

Adox HR-50 35mm - Starter Kit

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Le kit starter Adox HR-50 35mm contient six films HR-50 et le développeur de film adapté HR-DEV pour le développement de six films.

Adox HR-50 135-36

ADOX HR-50 is based on an emulsion commonly available for technical purposes, featuring an ultrafine grain and superpanchromatical sensitization. It is especially suitable for street and landscape photography. In Portrait photography it is recommended to use the dedicated HR-50 developer.

The film speed is enhanced to 50 ASA using ADOX's new SPEED BOOST-technology which reduces gamma so it becomes perfectly usable for pictorial photography in regular developers.

ADOX HR-50 can also be used as an Infrared film and responds extremely well to any sort of filtration (yellow, orange, red, blue, green).

  • Emulsion: Superpanchromatical

  • Resolution: Up to 280lp/mm at an image contrast of 1000:1

  • ISO: 50/17°

  • Base: 0,1mm PET

  • Anti Halation: Combined AHU/NC

Adox HR-DEV - 100ml

ADOX HR-DEV is a special film developer which is especially made for the ADOX HR-50 films. Its curve is optimized to match the special properties of the HR-50.

ADOX HR-DEV improves the curve of HR-50 through the "SPEED BOOST" technology and ensures fine details and deep shadows. It straightens the curve, provides a steeper slope out of the shadows and good light differentiation up to zone 9.
The working solution used to determine the sensitivity and contrast values ​​was made using distilled water. When using hard water, development times must be significantly extended depending on the degree of hardness. An important fact to take into account when using this developer!

Sensitivity and contrast values ​​were determined by the measurement of a densitometer put directly on the developed film, which corresponds approximately to the measurement under a diffused enlarger. When using condensed enlargers, the resulting sensitivity and contrast levels are higher, so in this case, development times should be reduced by about 15%.

The developer can also be used with other black-and-white films such Kodak Tri-X. It's formula results in negatives with a very fine grain and a high level of sharpness.

Caractéristiques du produit

Dans l'emballage
6x Adox HR-50 135-36, 1x Adox HR-DEV - 100ml
Type de film
Négatif Noir et Blanc
Format / taille
Film 35mm
Nombre de vues
36 poses
Sensibilité du film
ISO 50
Grain de film
Grain très fin

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