Adox 50,8x61 cm - SEMI-MAT - 25 FEUILLES - MCC 112

50,8x61 cm - SEMI-MAT - 25 FEUILLES - MCC 112

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Adox MCC 112 is a variable contrast fiber-based black-and-white photographic paper with a double-weight paper base of 250 g/m2, manufactured at the highest quality standards. The paper emulsions are still produced on original Agfa machinery which Adox purchased together with former Agfa engineers AgfaPhoto in Leverkusen during its liquidation. 

Adox MCC is based on the innovative Multicontrast Classic Technology which former Agfa engineers created. The emulsion is highly complex and is based on four individual emulsion layers, which - over the complete tonal range from light to dark - provide exceptionally good tonal differentiation and contrast range

Unlike the original Agfa fiber-based papers, MCC 112 has a pure white paper base. The paper is still very sensitive to light and allows very short exposure times. It offers the highest DMAX of all black-and-white papers on the market today (> 2,2) and has a neutral to warm black paper base. It produces wonderful warm tone images when a warm tone paper developer is used. It dries and tones easily.

Caractéristiques du produit

Support du papier
Fiber-Based (FB)
Contraste du papier
Format de papier (cm)
50,8 x 61 cm
Format de papier (inch)
20 x 24 inch
Nombre de feuilles
250 g/m2
Ton du papier
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