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Bellini B&W Reversal Kit - 1L

Bellini B&W Reversal Kit - 1L

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The B&W Reversal Kit from the Italian company Bellini is again a unique product on the market. This development kit provides a development process that allows you to develop black-and-white films as slide film. Besides the films specifically suited for this process such as Fomapan R100 and Adox (Agfa) Scala, ordinary black-and-white negative films such as Ilford FP4 or PAN F can also be developed as black-and-white slide film with this kit. A unique process.

The B&W Reversal process itself is not unique, there are still kits available today that allow you to develop black-and-white slide film at home of which the Foma R100 process is the best known. Nevertheless, these processes require the film to be re-exposed during the development process which is a delicate piece of work and therefore users are reluctant to perform the process. With this Bellini B&W Reversal Kit it is not necessary to re-expose the film. This dichromate based development kit contains an extra step (= reversal bath) in the form of a fogging developer (tin(II)chloride) which replaces the re-exposure. The kit can also be used as a standard B&W Reversal Kit such as the Foma R100 kit in which re-exposure does take place. In that case the reversal bath is not used in the process.

With this 1-litre kit a maximum of 12 films can be developed when used optimally in batches. Here too, certain components are very sensitive to oxidation. The use of (full) accordion bottles with an anti-oxidation spray is recommended to get the most out of your kit.

Note that this kit has been tested by the manufacturer with a limited number of black-and-white negative films with a clear base. The following films are generally used to obtain positives with neutral contrast: Ilford FP4, Ilford PAN-F, Rollei Ortho 25, Orwo UN-54 and UN-74. Other films are also compatible but can be tested on their own initiative.

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