Bellini Eco Film Developer (Liquid XTOL) - Starter Kit (500ml)

Bellini Eco Film Developer (Liquid XTOL) - Starter Kit (500ml)

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Complete starter kit (500ml) for developing black-and-white films with the Bellini Eco Film Developer (Liquid XTOL) at a reduced price. Contains ecological film developer, stop bath and fixer from Bellini without harmful substances. Capacity: about 15 35mm/120 films.

Bellini Eco Film Developer (Liquid XTOL) - 500ml

It's no secret that the Kodak XTOL film developer delivers great results in combination with many of the black and white films on the market today. The XTOL look of Ilford HP5 is still impressive after all these years.

Unfortunately, Kodak still only makes XTOL in a powder version, so this film developer need a little more preparation than most liquid film developers. Have you always wanted to use Kodak XTOL but don't you really like to mix bags of powder into liters of working solution? Well then we have good news! At the request of many customers we are happy to offer the Bellini Eco Film Developer. The name doesn't immediately suggest anything special although this developer has got the nickname liquid XTOL as the final results achieved with this developer are almost identical to those achieved with Kodak XTOL. Bellini Eco can therefore be seen as the liquid equivalent of Kodak XTOL. The formula is of course not the same as Kodak XTOL since it is technically impossible to make a liquid concentrate out of it. Nevertheless, the magic formula of Bellini is very close to the original Kodak XTOL formula.

No more mixing, with 500ml from this Bellini Eco Film developer and 500ml later you make 1 litre liquid XTOL! The development times and temperatures to be used are identical to the ones for the original Kodak XTOL in powder form.

Bellini Odourless Stop Bath - 500ml

The Odourless Stop Bath from Bellini is an inexpensive, universal stop bath that can be used with almost all black-and-white films and photographic papers on the market today. The stop bath is based on acetic acid and is very economical to use with a standard dilution ratio of 1+19. It is a viable alternative to the well-known Rapid Fixer from Ilford.

The stop bath has the following capacity:

  • About 15 black-and-white films (35mm or roll film) or

  • 3 to 5 m² black-and-white photo paper (RC) or

  • 1 to 3 m² black-and-white photo paper (FB)

Bellini FX100 Universal Fixer - 500ml

Bellini FX100 is an affordable and durable universal fixer for both black-and-white films and photographic papers and is based on ammonium-iposolite. Unlike other fixing baths on the market, this solution is quickly and easily removed from the film or paper surface resulting in shorter washing times.

Dilution: 1+4 (film) and 1+9 (photographic paper RC or FB). 


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1x Bellini Eco Film Developer (Liquid XTOL) - 500ml, 1x Bellini Odourless Stop Bath - 500ml, 1x Bellini FX100 Universal Fixer - 500ml
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