Bellini (Kodak) F-5 Fixer with Hardener - Part A (800ml) + Part B (200ml)

Bellini (Kodak) F-5 Fixer with Hardener - Part A (800ml) + Part B (200ml)

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Bellini F5 is two-part fixer consisting of a fixing solution (Part A) and a hardener (Part B). Its formula is identical to the Kodak F-5 Fixer/Hardener which is the specific fixer for all Kodak Double-X motion picture film stocks (5222, 7222). F5 is therefore the complementary to Bellini (Kodak) D96 which is the special film developer for these film stocks.

Kodak F5 was designed for use with continuous-immersion processing machines, however using this fixer with manual film tanks should also work out according to Bellini. Fixing Kodak Double-X film should take place in 06:00 minutes at 21 °C. Both parts have to be mixed to get one liter of working solution. One liter allows to fix approximately 30 35mm films (when stored properly).

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Package contents
1x Bellini F-5 Fixer Part A (800ml), 1x Bellini F-5 Hardener Part B (200ml)

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