Bellini E-6 Color Slide Film Six Bath Processing Kit - 1L

Bellini E-6 Color Slide Film Six Bath Processing Kit - 1L

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A detailed manual of this developing kit can be found under the download section of this product page. Contact us if you have any questions about using this kit!

The products of the Italy-based Bellini always have a number of special properties that make each one of them unique in the range of analog photochemistry available today. This is no different with this E-6 Color Slide Film Processing Kit.

For example, it is the only kit for the development of color slide film on the market that is offered in a small quantity of 1 liter. The kit is therefore extremely suitable for the development of small volumes of slide film, be it for home use or for professional purposes. With the kit approximately 8 35mm slide film can be developed with 36 exposures each.

Moreover, this kit is together with the professional Fuji Hunt 6X E6 Processing Kit, the only kit on the market that offers the standard and complete E-6 development process based on 6 baths. The kit is therefore not based on Tetenal's 3-bath technology, which is a shortened development process. The development process therefore takes a little longer than if you were using Tetenal's Colortec E6 Kit, 45 minutes for full development at 38°C to be precise. Nevertheless, the longer development process offers a number of important advantages that make the choice of this kit worthwhile. For example, developed positives have a much nicer contrast and colors are even more vibrant. This becomes immediately clear when looking at the slides on a light box.

Finally, this six-bath developing kit also offers advantages in terms of shelf life, both in terms of the chemistry itself and the slide films that are developed with it. For example, it was found that slide films developed in the standard E-6 development process generally have better properties for long-term archiving. In addition, the color developers included in this kit have a longer shelf life compared to that of the 3-bath process. In ideal circumstances up to twice as long. In any case, be sure to use an anti-oxidation spray such as Tetenal Protectan and accordion bottles.

Each kit comes with clear user instructions in English. The kit is mainly suitable for manual inversion development but can also be used in combination with automated solutions for rotation development if the machine used has adjustable process times. Custom development times apply to Fujifilm slide films. The first developer should be applied up to one minute longer than when, for example, a roll of Kodak Ektachrome is developed.

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