Schneider Apo-Componon HM 90mm f/4.5 Enlarging Lens

Schneider Apo-Componon HM 90mm f/4.5 Enlarging Lens

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This is an apochromatic 90mm f4.5 enlarging lens, most commonly used to make photographic prints with medium format negatives up to 6x7cm in size. It is equipped with user conveniences such as a preset iris lever, illuminated aperture scale and click stop override. This model has 39mm LEICA mounting threads.

The Apo-Componon HM. lens is apochromatically corrected. It also meets all the demands and high-quality standards of professional and amateur photographers with respect to the image performance of their enlargements. Further, the Apo-Componon meets the strict requirements necessary to be used by engineers in the industrial world. Resolving power, contrast, color correction, and multi-coating guarantee great image quality even under extreme conditions.

Schneider manufactures its optics with a high degree of precision, ensuring the lasting quality of the Apo-Componon HM. The design has been adjusted to the special requirements of high-quality enlarging techniques. For 40mm, 45mm, 60mm, and 90mm focal lengths it has been equipped with a luminous aperture scale, illuminated setting index, preset iris, and click stops which can be disengaged. The preset iris allows the diaphragm to be opened after setting the working apertures in order to correct the image sector or focusing. Afterwards, the diaphragm can be reset easily.

  • Lens Speed: f/4.5

  • Focal Length: 90mm

  • Elements: 6

  • Click-stop disengaging

  • Aperture presetting

  • Illuminated Aperture Scale

  • Filter Thread: 43mm (M39×1/26") 

  • Max. film format: 6x7cm


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